February 19, 2010

Aboriginal chefs aim for Culinary Olympics

Aboriginal chefs have sights set on Culinary Olympics in Germany

By Kim PembertonAlthough the B.C. aboriginal culinary team was formed just two years ago, its members have big dreams of competing in the 2012 IKA Culinary Olympics against chefs from around the world.

They’re hoping a special feast they are preparing nightly during the 2010 Olympics will help them achieve their goal since partial proceeds of the venture will help fund their journey to Erfurt, Germany.

Chef and team manager Ben Genaille, of Kanata Cuisine, said not only are members practising their culinary skills and team building, but visitors and locals have an opportunity to enjoy authentic aboriginal cuisine.

The seven-course meal is paired with wine from Nk’Mip Cellars, B.C.’s only aboriginal winery, which is owned and operated by the Osoyoos Band in the Okanagan.
A previous Aboriginal Culinary Olympian:

Aboriginal House chef is an Olympic medallist

The Culinary Olympics, that is. Now Arnold Olson is feeding up to 13,000 a day and hoping to inspire the next generation of aboriginal cooks

By Mia Stainsby
The buck-stops-here guy in the kitchen, chef Arnold Olson, is a ship calmly plowing through churning ocean waters. It might be a symptom of exhaustion from consecutive 18-hour days, but more likely it's his considerable experience that keeps him from behaving like he's captain of the Titanic.

Olson's been there and done that when it comes to VIP feedings. He's hosted many dazzling functions while working for Ottawa's parliamentary restaurant (such as dinner for Queen Elizabeth) and had surprise guests (the late Pierre Trudeau). He's worked for the Canadian Consulate and presided over the food at many international functions.

He's also competed as part of the first aboriginal competition in the 1992 World Culinary Olympics, where his team rocked 'em and socked 'em, bringing home seven golds, two silvers and two bronzes for Canada.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Five Famous Native Chefs.

Below:  "Chef Ben Genaille of Kanata Cuisine, second from left, helps out in the kitchen of the Native Education College's Longhouse with members of the Aboriginal Culinary Team, who are training and fundraising to go to the 2012 Culinary Olympics in Germany. Beside Genaille are Phillip Robidoux and Samantha Nyce both of the Aborginal Culinary Team and Amanda Wettstein, far right, from the Native Education Centre's catering out program." (Photograph by: Yvon Ouellet, Special to The Vancouver Sun)

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