February 23, 2010

Twilight's Indians at RES 2010

A video filmed at the RES 2010 business conference at Las Vegas today.

Starting just past the 1:00 mark, Jackie Jacobs, publicist, talks about her work with the Quileute Nation. Then rapper Litefoot introduces Margo Gray-Proctor, Chairwoman, NCAIED Board of Directors. And they introduce Chaske Spencer, Kiowa Gordon, and Gil Birmingham from Twilight and New Moon.

They talk about the entertainment business and the power of pop culture to change perceptions about Indians worldwide. This panel continues for about half an hour.

Also, some photos from the conference:

Michelle R. Shining Elk's Photos--RES 2010
Shaunya Manus's Photos--RES 2010

For more on the subject, see Quileute Werewolves in Twilight and The Best Indian Movies.

Below:  Kiowa Gordon, Chaske Spencer, Stacey Thunder, and Gil Birmingham.

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