February 18, 2010

How to make stereotypical costumes for kids

How to Make Native American Costumes for KidsSummary: Learn how to make Native American costumes for kids in this free video series that will teach you how to throw a tasteful Native American-themed party for your child.

(Sorry, it takes a while to load and play.)

Some comments on this video from Facebook:OMFG!

I would say "unbelievable," except it's not. But, hey, now those kids know all about how to be "Indians."

And it's all so very "tasteful"! As "tasteful" as any other number of similar racialized party scenarios one might think up.
Comment:  The other videos in this series include:

  • How to Make Native American Headdresses for Kids
  • Learn What Materials Are Needed for Native American Headdresses
  • How to Make Native American Bead Necklaces for Kids
  • Learn What Materials Are Necessary for Native American Bead Necklaces
  • How to Decorate a Party in a Native American Theme
  • How to Dance at Native American-Themed Parties
  • How to Give Native American Names to Kids

  • You've got your teepees, your drums, and your buckskin costumes. Everything you need to need to be a stereotypical Plains Indian from the mid-19th century.

    Obviously the idea of throwing a Native-themed birthday party and making costumes, headdresses, and necklaces is stupid and stereotypical. Would this woman also throw an African-themed party with people wearing outfits from 150 years ago--i.e., grass skirts and bones through their noses? Why not, since it's exactly the same idea?

    For more on why the party and costumes are a bad idea, see Tricking or Treating Indians and Indian Wannabes.

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