April 08, 2010

NIGA 2010 (Day 2)

I don't know if it was the bed and air conditioning, the good book I was reading (Lost Light by Michael Connelly), or anticipation of the show's opening day. Maybe it was the ghost who haunts the Horton Grand Hotel, although I didn't see or hear anything. But I dozed for only a couple hours Wednesday night. Not good for a long day at a trade show.

After breakfast I walked over to the Convention Center--home of the Comic-Con when it's not hosting other conventions. I got to the booth about five minutes after opening time. The first visitor was Kevin Gover, director of the NMAI.

Eventually Victor arrived with his iPad and things started picking up. Our visitors included comedian Charlie Hill, a MyTribeTV camera crew, actor/activist Joanelle Romero, and Adam Beach. We also enjoyed the company of the young Native models in the booth next to ours. On the way out we saw rapper/activist Litefoot.

After resting in the hotel, I walked to the Greystone Steakhouse in the Gaslight District. Chris Korpi of Cadillac Jack hosted another great dinner. (At the last Cadillac Jack dinner we ate with Adam Beach.) I had an appetizer, salad, 24-ounce ribeye steak, and chocolate desert, but no bread. That's how temperate I am.

Someone guessed my age as 39, which was nice. I should start using that perception with the women I meet. "Yes, I was born in the Nixon era, not the Eisenhower era."

We missed the Wendell Chino banquet, which is usually a highlight of the show. Chickasaw governor Bill Annoatubby was honored for his Indian gaming leadership and the Guess Who played. But that's okay. When you're practically middle-aged (39) like me, you're too old to stay up late partying.

For more on the subject, see NIGA 2010 (Day 1) and Pix of NIGA 2009.

Below:  Joanelle Romero and me.

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