June 10, 2010

Rob vs. Michelle Shining Elk

Because I'm such a nice guy, I'll show you what you missed in the Rob vs. Michelle Shining Elk debate. You can see her responses to my Valenti:  Movies Are Merely Movies posting here. It'll probably mean getting a Facebook membership and "friending" Michelle, but those aren't difficult to do:

@Rob Schmidt. Part 1 of 2
@Rob Schmidt. Part 2 of 2

You'll see the quality of the debates you missed. Angry vituperation and scathing personal attacks--and I'm not talking about me. Really, should I have cluttered my blog with these exchanges?

I haven't read all the comments, since I'm not interested in proving myself superior, arguing for the sake of arguing, etc. I don't think she or her friends addressed a single issue I raised, but let me know if I'm wrong. In fact, let me know if anybody said anything that contributed to the debate.

Censorship? Not

So much for the claim that I'm silencing people. That's the real point of this, not forcing you to join Facebook. As Michelle did, you're free to go elsewhere and criticize me to your heart's content. Her Facebook postings prove her ability to speak.

FYI, this blog isn't a forum where everyone gets to say what they want. It's a forum for me to voice my opinions first and others to voice their opinions a distant second. You don't enter someone's home and attack him and you don't enter my cyber-home and attack me. There's been too much of that and it's about to end.

Again, the only thing I'm keeping out is the ignorant and insulting comments I've seen many times before. Comments such as the ones in the postings above. If they're your cup of tea, enjoy your Facebook friendship with Michelle. I don't need or want people who respond like that.

For more on my comments policy, see Anonymous Cowards Dislike Stereotype Postings. For more on Michelle Shining Elk, see Protesting Stereotypes = Cop-Out?

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