June 10, 2010

Saginaw Grant's Dudesons statement

Apparently actor Saginaw Grant posted this comment on his Facebook page Wednesday:we now have to move on with our life as I have already and have forgiven and forgotten. i wish to not continue with anything negative such as all of the controversy with the show i did or what was said or done. i think everyone has voiced their opinion and had the right to. The sadness is that friendships were lost along the way. my advice is "know who you are and always think positive." many blessings. -Saginaw-His Facebook friends, all of whom like him by definition, responded like this (all mistakes in the originals):well spoken from a true gentleman!

Oh, when did you write this? it's nice. I agree. It is sad to see some friends gone especially when I look at the photos from the 'happy times'. Lives lost becuase of political conflicts, frienships lost because of differences of opinions..but hopefully these friendship can be salvage and all will be good again.

You were just doing your Job!! Sometimes we don't know what we are getting ourselves into when we say "Yes".
Great exposure though, Huh?
I still Love you Saginaw!!!

Saginaw, those who feel they must pull away from us because of something they believe we did wrong are showing us how important we have been to them. That does not change overnight. As they mature in their spirituality and realize that human beings are not Gods, then they may eventually want to learn from you again.

The Indian Community has become the "Crab in the Bucket scenario" Once one person moves up and succeeds, another will pull them down, but just like you've said - If you know who your are that all that matters... Thank you my friend! :)
Comment:  Fortunately, I'm not a member of the Indian community, so the last comment doesn't apply to me. Nor do I care whether Grant has been successful. As longtime readers know, I've tackled thousands of obscure subjects that had nothing to do with anyone's success. I earned no fame or glory for tackling them; indeed, most people didn't care.

In case anyone's unsure, let's recall what Grant's statement is about. He participated in the worst example of racist stereotyping in recent memory. (I keep track of these things, so I know.) Many Natives, some his fellow performers, criticized him for it. I gather some even threatened him--perhaps to have him blacklisted--though I haven't seen any threats.

No one in the thread mentioned MTV, the Dudesons, or Grant's role in the show. No one explained or even mentioned the racist stereotypes. No one mentioned any of the critics or whether their criticisms might be valid.

So Grant's moving on--from the controversy he helped create. He's forgiven people--for daring to criticize him. He's sad about the lost friendships--of people who'd have to be incredibly offended to end a longtime relationship.

No admissions, no apologies, no regrets about the show--that's not what I'd call a great statement. Sounds to me like the non-apologies we get when someone famous screws up but doesn't want to admit it. I'd call it the chicken way out, but I wouldn't want to offend elders, fowls, or anybody.

My apologies

I still haven't listened to Grant's radio interview on the Dudesons. I figure it would only make me angry. I'm told that he questioned the "Indianness" of anyone who challenged him. Yes, indeed, that would make angry.

But like Saginaw, I too have been involved in conflicts. I have this to say about them:I'm moving on and have forgiven anyone who criticized me. I don't wish to continue with anything negative such as the controversies that came out of nowhere. I think everyone has voiced their opinions and so have I. Since I know who I am, I'll keep thinking positively about me and my ego. -Rob-Or as the typical entertainer, politician, or executive might put it:I'm sorry if anything I said or did offended anyone. I didn't intend to call Cowboys & Findians a modern-day minstrel show or racist piece of crap. Unfortunately, people misinterpreted what I meant to say. -Rob-There you go. Is everyone satisfied? I've spoken like a true gentleman too. Now let's drop the personal attacks and move on to the next subject.

For more on the subject, see Grant Wouldn't Show Dudesons to Grandchildren and Saginaw Grant in The Dudesons.


Anonymous said...

Rob, why are you stealing information from people's Facebook page and then blogging about it. Since you have not met Saginaw in person you need to stop with the crap you write about him, okay? I do hope he comes across your blog and read the crap you just wrote about him.

Anonymous said...

Also Rob you copied what Saginaw has written and then made it your own.

Anonymous said...

What do you have personally against Saginaw Grant and why have you not even bothered to speak to the man that you write about so you can get your facts straight before you write about someone? You also have a lot of incorrect information.