December 08, 2010

Native Diversity 2010 video

A video by Roscoe Pond on the success of Native actors in Hollywood this year:

Here are the Native performers who touched the mainstream in movies and on TV in 2010. There is such a thing as Native diversity in Hollywood. Let us hope for more work in 2011.Annie of NativeCelebs adds:Great idea for a video, Roscoe! Let's see if there are any more? I think these were in 2010: Geri Keams and Misty Upham in Big Love. Wes Studi and a few more in The Mentalist. Gil Birmingham in Castle. Hard to remember all of it.Comment:  I think Pond got most of the notable Native performances. The only omission I noted was Michael Horse in three episodes of Sons of Tucson. Oh, and Saginaw Grant in The Dudesons. And I would've left Tinsel Korey out.

For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians and The Best Indian Movies.


kari said...

I liked the video, however, I wanted to comment on the ad to the right of the video, it is for a sexy Indian princess costume for sale on I understand that these ads look for key words but this ad goes against the whole mission of this blog and its sadly ironic. When I clicked on the ad this is where the link went:

Anonymous said...

I've noticed this ad too and also thought it was inappropriate. Is there anything you can do about it Rob?


Rob said...

I'm not sure I can do anything about the ads, but I'll try to find out.