May 20, 2010

Mackenzie confirms Korey's identity

To double-check the Mackenzie school website listing Tinsel Korey as Harsha Patel, I e-mailed the school:Comments/Questions: Re your 50 for 50: Tinsel Korey is claiming to be an aboriginal actress. I.e., a Native American of perhaps Ojibwe descent. And not someone of Asian Indian descent named Harsha Patel. Can you confirm that Tinsel Korey and Harsha Patel are the same person?

I received this response from Rob,

Yes, Tinsel Korey is Harsha Patel's stage name.

Comment:  This seems pretty conclusive to me. But as usual, I wait for the definitive proof.

For more on the subject, see Tinseltown Korey on MySpace and Let Ojibwe Decide About Korey?


Anonymous said...

The school has since removed the name "Harsha Patel" from her profile. Wow, what a surprise.

Anonymous said...

But Tinsel has nothing to hide, of course. Nothing at all.

QL said...

I wonder if her family will ever come out and say something? I saw her during an interview (can't recall which now) where she was asked where she first heard of 'Twilight'. She claims her 'little sister' told her about it. So....does she mean 'biological' or 'adopted'?