May 23, 2010

Indigenous imagery in corporate logos

Here's a great set of images collected by Phil Bellfy of the American Indian Studies Program at the Michigan State University. Below are some of the worst ones:

Indigenous Imagery in Corporate Logos

Comment:  There must be a couple hundred images here. Most of them are variations on the standard chief, brave, and maiden. Most are stereotypical and have little or nothing to do with the corresponding product. The images suggest the products have timeless values such as strength, nobility, and virtue.

The ninth image suggests the problems with these logos. A Plains chief and a teepee...with the name "Apache"? Wrong!

These images have nothing to do with honoring Indians or promoting a positive of them. They're all about appropriating, using, and profiting from Native symbols. If Indians get stereotyped as primitive savages in the process...well, who cares?

For more Indian products and logos, see Indian Kitsch Collection and Authentic Indian Center.

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