May 23, 2010

Kesha goes tribal at Bamboozle

Adrienne Keene of Native Appropriations notes that pop-star Kesha has gone tribal once again:

Not Again, Ke$ha.Our favorite warbonnet-wearing-hot-mess of a musician sported another headdress at The Bamboozle (a big music festival). The photographer calls her get up a "psuedo-patriotic costume of a feather headdress, aviator sunglasses, and the American flag." Right.

Kesha is also wearing a headdress in her new video for Your Love is My Drug--the song she sang on Saturday Night Live. Keene continues:We've discussed it before with her American Idol performance. Girl, get your act together. Cultural appropriation isn't cool.Some reactions on Facebook:Hmmm...that last pic reminds me of that picture of the gals from the Stanford powwow on your blog. People think that "dressing like native people" is a fantastical Halloween journey or something and they don't stop to wonder how their behavior appropriates the identity of Native people, but hey from their point of view "they're just having fun, right?"

P.S. My thought is that Kesha is appropriating several indigenous identities and combining them into some ambiguous "All-Native Monster" that seeks to appropriate all indigenous peoples' identities into one. Kinda weird! Kesha my girl, find your identify elsewhere.

[Y]our PS is a really good point; she's combining North American, South American, and African Indigenous cultures all in one messed up image. Equal opportunity appropriation. Grrr.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Why Hipster Headdresses Aren't Okay and What's So Wrong About Kesha?

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