May 17, 2010

Tinsel Korey's high-school anniversary

Someone sent me a link to this website for William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute in Toronto:

Mackenzie's 50 for 50In honour of Mackenzie’s 50th Anniversary, we've created a Wall of Fame to feature 50 Mackenzie alumni who have contributed to society in a significant way.Tinsel Korey
Actress and MusicianTinsel Korey, born Harsha Patel, is an up and coming actress and musician now living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In 2009 Tinsel finally made it to Los Angeles where she would audition for the role of a lifetime. Casting director Rene Haynes would bring Korey in to audition for the part of Emily in the movie 'New Moon'. After weeks of auditioning approx. 800 girls, Summit Entertainment announced that Miss Korey would be the one to bring the beautifully scarred character to life on screen.

Off-screen Tinsel also enjoys painting, and working with youth. She travels all throughout North America teaching acting and music to Native American Youth who want to get into the entertainment industry. The course focuses on the art aspect, helping them bring out their own unique talents.
Comment:  Whoops. "Born as Harsha Patel" doesn't get much clearer than that.

This is the first piece of evidence that comes from an institution rather than individuals. As such, it instantly adds credibility to the anti-Korey arguments. Why would Mackenzie lie about someone it presumably has official records on? Korey's "friends" may be jealous of her success, but the school has no reason to lie about her ancestry.

Indeed, the school has every reason to tell the truth. If it was caught falsifying Korey's background, it undoubtedly would face repercussions. So it's likely Mackenzie's info is accurate.

For more on the subject, see Tinsel Korey Answers Critics, Tinsel Korey Comes Clean?, and The Truth About Tinsel Korey.


Unknown said...

Is she just another Espera Oscar de Corti (Iron Eyes Cody) with a larger pay check and more lucrative franchise?

Anonymous said...

I think she is a living, breathing proof of what "living a lie" is all about. I'm just wondering if she is using a false identity? Did she legally changed her name? And how on Earth did she get to L.A. on a false name? Surely if she came to AZ, given to their racist SB1070, she would have deported on the spot. Trust me, baby.


Anonymous said...

Check out the blog... Really her?

The apology... hmmm?!!!

Anonymous said...

About the nangbaby link. I read it, wondered about it, then finally looked at the date. Duh! It's an April fools joke!

Rob said...

The MySpace page feels like a spoof to me. But only the last entry is dated April 1, 2010. Since the other "Nangbaby" entries go back to July 6, 2007, it's hard to say the whole site is an April Fools' joke.

For more on the subject, see Mackenzie Confirms Korey's Identity and Tinseltown Korey on MySpace.

Anonymous said...

I sniffed out the link to the blog and I thought it was a joke. I kept following links until I saw this:

If these two people are the same, it would explain the inexplicable name drop. This DOES predate the reports and it lines up with what has been said about Korey. I dunno...