May 14, 2010

E-mail from Mayflower Man

I recently received this e-mail--before my latest genealogical update. It's from Thomas Gibson, who has a record 33 Mayflower ancestors.Hi Rob,

Thanks for the links to my pages, they have generated quite a bit of traffic and e-mail. Obviously we share multiple ancestors and are related many times in 9 generations.

I am impressed with your genealogy research and observations, you are spot on. In addition your pages are well written and a very enjoyable read.

Tom Gibson
York College
I noted that my cousin David has done all the genealogical research. I merely filled in the biographical details.

I asked Gibson how rare was it to have 15 or more Mayflower ancestors. His response:Hi Rob,

Thanks for the quick reply, and also please forward a thanks to your cousin, the information on your web pages is superb.

It is extremely rare to have 15 or more Mayflower ancestors, mathematically I calculate there are less than 3500 of us in the world. However, the number of Mayflower descendants is multiplying exponentially, and by the end of the century there should close to 100 million with almost 10,000 having 15 or more ancestors. 35 million % 3500, obviously this places you in the 99.99% category or 1 in 10,000 of all Mayflower descendants.

Have you visited this page?
List of Mayflower Passengers

I am sure you are aware of your significant number of colonial, founders and royal ancestors also. You are related to 43 out of 44 American presidents and almost all European royalty. I couldn't find Martin Van Buren in your extended tree.

You also have many Masonic ancestors.

Obviously, you and I are related many time and have similar trees, here is mine.
180,000 ancestors and relatives of Thomas Knowlton Gibson

It is nice to meet you,

Tom Gibson
York College
Comment:  Of course, I'm up to 17 Mayflower ancestors now, and my family tree is far from complete. I hope Gibson doesn't mind if I take the record from him. <g>

For more on the subject, see My Ancestor William Brewster and Tallying My Pilgrim Ancestors.

Below:  An early Schmidt ancestor palling around with Indians.


dmarks said...

Do you have William Bradford?

Rob said...

No, no connections to Bradford yet. But I have 17 Mayflower ancestors in the same time and place. I'd be surprised if some of them or their children didn't intermarry with the Bradfords.