May 14, 2010

Send minorities "back where they came from"?

Nazi nightmare:  The U.S. parents who teach their children to idolise HitlerThey idolise Hitler, believe the Holocaust never happened and want all non-white people deported from America.

Black people are banned from entering their family home and the younger siblings are already learning if they don't follow in their white supremacist footsteps they will likely be outcast.

'All non-white people in America should be sent back to where they came from, and me and my kids will fight to make that happen,' said Cynthia speaking from a motel room in Los Angeles where she and two of her children, Brad, 23 and Ariana, 17 were preparing to attend a Nazi rally.
Comment:  Wow. So much stupidity here. I can ridicule this without even invoking the obvious "Indians were here first" rejoinder.

On the practical side:

  • Most countries are smaller and more crowded than the US. They couldn't accept or handle returnees even if they wanted to.

  • Many minorities have been here for centuries and can't trace their origin to a particular country. Others have ancestors from many countries.

  • Sending people back wold be a logistical nightmare requiring a huge government bureaucracy and massive new taxes. No doubt the Keenes would balk when they saw the price tag.

    On the historical and cultural side:

  • The Keenes hate Jews, but most Jews are white too.

  • The presumption that whites have been here longer than anybody else is false. Facts: "William Tucker was the first African American baby born in the new world in 1624 in Jamestown,Virginia. ... In 1654, John Casor, a black man, became the first legally recognized slave in the present United States." Meanwhile, many white families came here in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • The first Euro-American children were Latinos. They were born after the men of Christopher Columbus, Ponce de León, Hernando de Soto, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, et al. "had their way" with Native women.

    Let that final point be a lesson to the stupid Arizonans who want to curtail or banish Latinos. They're starting to cry because we're branding their state "racist." Therefore, we'll keep doing it until they change their racist ways.

    Of course, my family has been here longer than the Keenes have. If we're going to send people back, I say we do it by intelligence, not skin color. That means the Keenes are gone. Bye-bye, losers.

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    Below:  The fat white blobs who would keep America pure.

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