May 31, 2010

Idiot's guide for Dudesons defenders

Jennifer Yuhas Gall continues to take people to task for defending the execrable Dudesons.

Since You STILL Don’t Get It:  The Complete Idiots Guide to Native AmericansA lot of people are angry about this. Are they angry that we’re protesting an offensive and racist television episode?? No. They’re angry because they STILL DON’T GET IT. This is the basic, watered-down gist of the more recent comments: “How dare you accuse our beloved Dudesons of racism and stereotyping! They’d never! What’s so racist and stereotypical about it all, anyway?”

So, there it is. If anyone is to expend another breath or keyboard stroke attempting to persuade the nay-sayers and fence-sitters out there that The Dudesons in America episode entitled Cowboys & Findians is in fact racist, perpetuates negative and false stereotypes, and that it distorts and misappropriates Native American culture and spirituality, perhaps it’s time to clear up some of those common misconceptions, as well as provide a little bit of education to the general and sadly uninformed public.

Oh, and for those of you who already know better, my apologies in advance. Bear with me while I take a brief time-out for a little NDN 101. Idiots of the world…class is in session.
Comment:  For readers of Newspaper Rock, Jennifer's education doesn't cover any new ground. I just like her attitude. For instance:MYTH: Satirizing or parodying Native Americans, their culture, traditions, or spirituality is not racist, offensive, or perpetuating stereotypes. It’s just a joke…lighten up.

FACT: You’re an idiot. Calling something satire or parody doesn’t change the nature of what it really is, or make it any less offensive or heinous. A rose by any other name would still smell like racism.
For more on the subject, see Dudesons Fans Don't Get It and Natives Protest The Dudesons.


Anonymous said...

Rob before you write anything about Mr. Saginaw Grant you should contact him directly. Writing about the Dudesons and hearing it ONLY from the protestors is not a good way to get your facts straight. You need to hear from both sides. I have copies of everything you and the others wrote so they cannot try to revise it like they have before. I am glad you write about Native American's rights but many of them continue to live in the past and they are stuck because they want to be there. They find fault in everything and will protest at every little things that they feel that they are being discriminated about. Things has changed over the years you know and I am full blood Native and have moved forward. But my advise is to not take the "contents" of what you read on Mr. Grants Facebook page without notifying him first. I see his named mentioned more than once in many of your blogs. He has received horrible threats and an annymous caller is trying to prevent him from attending an event that he is a guest at. This person had the nerve to call the organizer to get them to not invite Saginaw Grant! Now, can you write about this right for them to do that. This man is a respected elder and they are threatening him this way!!! If you really want to help out our Native people than educate them to be so non-violent and judgemental to their OWN kind!!! Thank you, Rob!

Rob said...

Racism and stereotyping aren't "little things." As I've explained repeatedly in The Harm of Native Stereotyping:  Facts and Evidence and other postings.

Natives "feel" people are discriminating against them because people are discriminating against them. In case you missed it, I document several examples of this prejudice every week.

I don't think I've visited Saginaw Grant's Facebook page. I haven't read anything on it or taken anything from it.

My criticism is based on watching the episode itself--nothing else. If you think I'm ganging up on the Dudesons because others are doing it, you're sadly mistaken.

If Grant has some explanation for his participation in this modern-day minstrel show, he should post it. Otherwise, I'll continue to criticize the show's self-evident racism.

I'm opposed to "horrible threats" in general, but I don't know anything about threats against Grant. Send me some information about these threats and I'll consider posting it.