May 27, 2010

"Josh on the street" checks papers

Whites Racially Profiled, Asked for Their "Papers" To Be on Native American Land

By Stephen LemonsIn a hilarious spoof of Cops sure to redden the face of every cracker nativist in Sand Land and beyond, L.A.'s "Josh on the street" skewers Arizona's "papers please" law by flippin' the script on white folks and asking them for their documentation to be on what was originally Native American land.

Josh the cop sets up an immigration checkpoint at the Santa Monica promenade, allows anyone of color through, but halts the pale skins. After a few he "arrests" try to flee, he says, "It's really a gray line whether we can shoot them in the back while they're running away."

Comment:  I had a feeling a video like this one would appear eventually. I suggested to my Native Facebook friends that someone should make one.

This video is cute, but I wouldn't call hit "hilarious." It would be better with a Native officer asking for people's papers.

For more on the subject, see Immigration Foes Are Liars and Arizona Laws Target the Indigenous.


Anonymous said...

Fun game! Catch the illegal immigrant!

No. Mr. Yazzie is a Navajo.
No. Mrs. Chen's family has lived in San Francisco since the 1850s.
No. Mr. Valdez is Puerto Rican.
No. President Obama was born here. He showed people his birth certificate when he ran for Senate. (Sorry, but the birthers really annoy me.)
The answer is Mr. Gunther, a South African who moved here because of his fears of what a black majority would be like. He never bothered to renew his visa.

Moral: Don't believe tthe stereotypes.

al oof said...

i don't like the idea that the only reason white people might be illegal aliens is in the sense that we are on native american land. i mean, there is truth in that, and it's important to think about on it's own, but there are plenty of white people in the US illegally, and targeting white people for these comedic checks would be more poignant if there was an understanding of that.

i mean, i don't think people can be 'illegal' and i don't think we should police our borders, but the laws in arizona are victimizing americans who aren't white along with non white people who are actually from other countries.