May 25, 2010

My unproven Mayflower ancestors

My cousin the amateur genealogist writes again:Rob,

I found a connection to two additional Mayflower Pilgrims. Stephen Hopkins and his daughter Constance are both in our line. The connection is through George Shaw, whose wife Mercy Rich is our connection to the Brewsters.

However this connection, from what I know so far, cannot be proven and would not be accepted by the Mayflower Society. ... So use the number 19 at your peril?

Comment:  Okay, I will! I won't add Hopkins and his daughter to my official writeup or tally of our ancestors. But I'll refer to 19 rather than 17 ancestors when it's convenient.

Wow, I'm really well connected to those first Pilgrims. I'm right behind the Mayflower Man in terms of being a true (non-Native) American. Nobody except the Indians is more American than I am.

For more on the subject, see My Fortune and Anne Ancestors and My Mayflower Ancestors.

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