May 18, 2010

Nike to promote Native health

BIA signs agreement with Nike to promote healthy lifestylesThe Bureau of Indian Affairs signed an agreement with Nike to promote healthy lifestyles in Indian Country.

Under the agreement, the Bureau of Indian Education and Nike will develop a campaign to encourage American Indians and Alaska Natives to exercise. "This MOU is one important step towards acknowledging the collaboration needed across Indian Country to help promote healthy lifestyles," Assistant Secretary Larry Echo Hawk said.

"We celebrate this signing as a milestone in our work to deepen connections with Native American communities around creating opportunities for health and wellness, and providing access to sport for young people," said Craig Cheek, Nike North America Vice President and General Manager.

Nike is one of the few corporations with a special Native American program. The N7 program provides grants for sports and physical fitness programs in Indian Country.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Nike Shoes Aid Native Youth Sports, Nike Goes Beyond the Surface, and Nike Unveils Native Shoe.


Anonymous said...

Nike's been doing this a lot. A special "native anatomy" shoe (bigger at the toe) is another one. At least for Nike to take a stand against diabetes makes sense; they sell part of the cure.

Anonymous said...

Instead of calling them N7 they should have called them N8V (N-eight-V).