March 11, 2011

Lakota Country Times distributes school newspaper

Newspaper Gives Native American Teens a Voice

Students' work is distributed across their reservation and South Dakota

By Jim Kent
A new journalism teacher and an enthusiastic newspaper publisher are giving Native American teens on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota an opportunity to be heard.

The school newspaper isn't just circulated around school. It's also read across the reservation--and the region--as a supplement to the Lakota Country Times.
And:Speaking over the noise of the classroom heater, Nicky Oulette gives her 12 students some pointers on what makes a story newsworthy. Oulette is the first journalism teacher Little Wound has had in years. Her arrival last fall helped spark the resurgence of an activity that's also been absent for some time: the school newspaper.

"They pick the articles that we write. Sometimes, if we're getting stuck, I'll kind of guide them along," says Oulette. "But, especially lately, they've been the one picking the articles."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Jodi Rave and Changing Winds and Giago to Start Another Newspaper.

Below:  "Little Wound journalism class students check their published work." (Jared Reddy)

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