March 20, 2011

The Pirate Prince Carlomagno

We learned what happened to King Philip's son in Roger Williams, Slave Trader and King Philip's War in After the Mayflower. Here's a press release about a novel that imagines a different outcome:

Wampum Books announces the release of The Pirate Prince Carlomagno, a Native American Pirate Adventure brought to life by award-winning journalist and author John Christian Hopkins.

Native American Author Brings New Twist to Pirate Adventure“Metacom meets Errol Flynn! John Christian Hopkins is one of the most important indigenous writers from New England today, and here he covers the region’s painful, complex history with insight and swashbuckling originality.”

Siobahn Senier, English Professor, University of New Hampshire
In an exciting, action-filled adventure, author John Christian Hopkins spins a historic tale of a young American Indian boy who is captured, marked for death and eventually sold into slavery in the Caribbean.

The Pirate Prince Carlomagno is the story of what may have happened to the actual historical figure, the son of King Philip or Metacomet of the Wampanoag tribe. The fate of the great chief’s son is lost to history, but in Hopkins’ version, the enslaved child yearns for freedom and a chance to return to his beloved New England home. With his choices limited, and enemies all around him, the young man becomes the legendary Carlomagno, fiercest of the Caribbean pirates. Immersed in action, adventure and political intrigue, and opposed by ruthless mercenary Chevalier de Fortenay, Carlomagno struggles to remain true to his Native heart as he relies on his mighty sword arm to keep his freedom. But his biggest challenge turns out to be the mysterious Anasarani.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see King Philip Chainsaw Sculpture and Preview of Ink--A Tale of Captivity.

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