October 06, 2010

Preview of Ink--A Tale of Captivity

Ink--A Tale of CaptivityInk--A Tale of Captivity is the Mary Rowlandson story. A new movie produced by Alice van Buren of Inkwell Santa Fe Productions. The Story: 1676 Boston--Taken by Indians, a preacher's wife becomes the first woman published in America.

Wes Studi is King Philip, the mysterious Wampanoag leader; Gary Farmer appears as the tratior Alderman.
Trailer One:  The Captivity Narrative--Mary Rowlandson (Angela Janda) reading from her captivity narrative.

Trailer Two:  Captivity Scene--Mary Rowlandson (Angela Janda) with King Philip (Wes Studi) discussing the terms of her captivity.

The history in question:

Mary RowlandsonMary (White) Rowlandson (c. 1637–January 1711) was a colonial American woman who was captured by Indians during King Philip's War and endured eleven weeks of captivity before being ransomed. After her release, she wrote a book about her experience, The Sovereignty and Goodness of God: Being a Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, which is considered a seminal work in the American literary genre of captivity narratives.Comment:  The trailers show a burning house, scalps nailed to a wall, King Philip riding a horse, and what looks like the interior of a tipi. I sure hope the movie doesn't have any mistakes or stereotypes.

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Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Wes and his career, "King Philip" aka Metacomet, was approximately no older than 37 at his murder on August 12, 1676 and he did not hold Mary. Wetamoo did with her husband. I've read a good bit of her book from her diaries, and this is utter nonsense.

I know they didn't film it in the Northeast...so really...what and why do this, Wes is, much older than 37, that alone...no stereotypes, also, Metacomet was near 7 feet tall, as were many of his male family members. And looked like a Northeastern Tribesman. Also, he had long hair, then I think kept it "short" while he was wearing his suits of the period (yes suits, as in business suits) why not just leave this story alone...in all seriousness, I was watching the trailers and waiting for a "Saturday Night Live" style Native American to pop into the scene and say..."Live from Indian Country, It's Hollywood History is Lies!" LOL