October 13, 2010

Preview of The Legend of Hohokam

The Legend of Hohokam Close to Finding a Director

By Jon LyusWe’re always on the lookout for interesting films currently gearing up for production, and we’ve been contacted by the team behind the movie The Legend of Hohokam with some news on directors circling the project.

The Hohokam people disappeared from their Arizona homeland in the 15th century and this new film will tell their story, we’re promised, in the style of Dances with Wolves and Apocalypto. There’s sure to be some outstanding location work and the filmmakers describe the premise thus,

The film is action packed romantic character driven story of the Hohokam tribe and what may have happened to them.

So far Tonantzin Carmelo has signed up and Raw Leiba, soon to be seen in the new Conan film, is on board in a producing capacity.
Comment:  I'm not sure Dances with Wolves and Apocalypto have much in common except an attempt to portray Native people authentically.

Archaeologists don't know what happened to the Hohokam. I think most of the theories involve them migrating to another location. I don't think they were conquered or driven off or anything involving warfare. Will the movie be true to the archaeological record, or will it invent a "savage" conflict that never happened in real life?

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.

Below:  A Hohokam site I've visited. "The distinctively modern looking roof that was built in 1932, to protect the Great House or Casa Grande, at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument."

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