October 19, 2010

Irene Bedard's current projects

Irene Bedard discusses Pocahontas, Pocahontas II, and more:

Interview with Irene Bedard

By Mike GencarelliMG:  Was it surreal playing Pocahontas’ mother in “The New World”?

IB:  Yes. When I got to the set, Q’orianka Kilcher, the girl who played Pocahontas, had grown up watching “Pocahontas” and it was beautiful to sort of pass on the torch to the next generation. And she understood that that was what was happening. We both felt honored to portray this life.

MG:  Tell us about what you are working on currently?

IB:  There’s “Tree of Life,” which is a Terrence Malick movie. My character was experimental, even for his experimental nature and he shoots millions of feet of film. I’ll be interested to see if my character is still even in the film. There’s another movie I did called “Cosmic Radio” with Wes Studi and Michael Masden that has yet to come out. There was some talk about turning it into a television series but I don’t know what’s going on with that. I also just did another recording session for “Pocahontas.” In the Disney Stores there will be a magic mirror that, when a child passes carrying a “Pocahontas” item, it electronically reads the bar code and Pocahontas will appear and speak to the child. It’s going to be a new, interactive store that will almost be an event in itself.
Comment:  Bedard also says the filmmakers struggled with the historical aspects of Pocahontas's life in the sequel. Since Pocahontas died after only a few months in England, I guess it was difficult to craft an uplifting story. They managed by tacking on a totally false happy ending.

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