October 14, 2010

3.5 arrowheads for Dark Horse's TUROK

Dark Horse is publishing a new version of TUROK that sounds much like the old versions:

Turok, Son of Stone #1

By Ben GilbertMy knowledge of Turok is limited, aside from reading a few issues of the Valiant comic from the nineties, so this issue did a good job of introducing the character and explaining how he wound up in the Land of the Lost, so to speak. Shooter’s script is action-heavy but overly talky, and he inserts the obligatory T-Rex sneak attack scene that seems to be in every comic with dinosaurs in it nowadays.And:Overall, this comic should please longtime fans of Turok, but it doesn’t really do much to hook new readers in. Turok and Andar really don’t show much personality aside from the usual mentor/sidekick dynamic, and the villains are your standard bloodthirsty tribesmen. The dinos have been pushed to the background so far but should become more prevalent as the series continues.Comment:  I guess the Land of the Lost scenario worked in the 1950s, but it doesn't seem like enough to captivate today's readers. I'd say the premise should be updated, as Valiant's Turok series tried to do. Put Turok in the future and have him fight intelligent dinosaurs, or something.

For more on the subject, see Top Five Native Heroes and All About Turok.

P.S. The arrowhead rating system is stereotypical, of course.

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