October 27, 2010

Documentary on human/bison relations

New film chronicles history of bison and men

By Daniel Person"Facing the Storm," a new documentary about bison being screened tonight at the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture, is nothing if not ambitious.

The film sets out to document "the complete history of human relations with the largest land mammal on the continent."

In 72 minutes, it runs through the animal's evolution and its role in American Indian culture, America's expansion west and Yellowstone National Park, among other things.

Commentary is provided by tribal historians, activists, writers and governors, notably Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who says the annual bison haze led by the Montana Department of Livestock "is a tool for chasing buffalo around and slaughtering them if there get to be too many of them." As governor, Schweitzer oversees the livestock department.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Documentaries and News.

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