October 26, 2010

AIFI's 2010 nominees

The 35th Annual American Indian Film Festival® Announces American Indian Motion Picture Award NomineesThe American Indian Film Institute (AIFI) and title sponsor the Seminole Tribe of Florida are proud to announce the nominees for the 35th annual American Indian Film Festival. The awards will be presented at the annual American Indian Motion Picture Awards Show on Saturday Nov. 13 at 6:00p.m at the historic Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

The American Indian Motion Picture Awards Show (established in 1978) has recognized excellence in American Indian cinematic achievement, making the annual awards show one of the most prominent Indian country and Native cinema showcases.

Best Film

  • Of Mice and Men, Kyle Hudlin-Whelan, director
  • Two Indians Talking, Sara McIntyre, director
  • A Windigo Tale, Armand Garnet Ruffo, director

  • Best Director

  • Kyle Hudlin-Whelan, Of Mice and Men
  • Sara McIntyre, Two Indians Talking
  • Rodrick Pocowatchit, The Dead Can’t Dance
  • Jeremy Torrie, A Flesh Offering

  • Best Actor

  • Nathaniel Arcand, Two Indians Talking
  • John Cook, Of Mice and Men
  • Rodrick Pocowatchit, The Dead Can’t Dance
  • Gary Farmer, A Windigo Tale

  • Best Actress

  • Andrea Menard, A Windigo Tale
  • Kaniehtiio Horn, A Flesh Offering

  • Best Supporting Actor

  • Justin Rain, Two Indians Talking
  • Winter Fox Frank, Behind the Door of a Secret Girl
  • Stanley Wood, Of Mice and Men

  • Best Supporting Actress

  • Jani Lauzon, A Windigo Tale
  • Casey Camp-Horinek, Behind the Door of a Secret Girl
  • Comment:  Looks like the same half dozen films got all the nominations. None of them are getting much coverage in the mainstream media.

    Ironically, the horror-oriented films probably have the best chance of breaking through to a wider audience. Sigh.

    For more on the nominated movies, see Wendigo Movies in imagineNATIVE 2010 and Two Indians Talking Voted Most Popular. For more on the subject in general, see AIFI's 2008 Nominees and The Best Indian Movies.

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