October 24, 2010

Indian "dogs" at Christmas tree farm

US says Indians harassed at Christmas tree farm

By Victor MoralesThe U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing a Christmas tree farm, alleging that the racial and sexual harassment of two Mixtec Indians from Mexico occurred and was unchecked by the farm management for nearly three years.

The supervisor of the Mixtec men allegedly made derogatory comments about their Indian ancestry, calling each of them a “damn Indian dog” and “scabby dog” and restricted them from speaking their native Mixtec language because it “sounded ugly,” according to a complaint filed on Sept. 24 in federal court.
Comment:  Nice to see the Christian spirit of Christmas at work at this farm. Will this outrage all the conservative Christians who defend the sanctity of their holiday? No...you can bet that approximately zero of them will speak out against this violation of their religious principles.

This incident reminds us of the store signs that used to say "No Dogs or Indians." It also reminds us why it's wrong to portray Indians as dogs or wolves. Comparing people to dogs is an insult, obviously.

For more on Indians as dogs, see Aztec Animals in Chihuahua and Chihuahua Movie Is Stereotypical.

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