October 20, 2010

Cherokee Runners in Marine Corps Marathon

Tribal Members to participate in Marine Corps Marathon

By Scott McKie B.P.Thousands of runners from across the country will converge in Washington, DC on Halloween Day (Sunday, Oct. 31) for the 35th Marine Corps Marathon and several runners from the Cherokee Runners group will be in the pack. A total of six members are planning to run in the event including: Gerri Grady, Robin Swimmer, Stephen Swimmer, Chris Reed, Jimmy Oocumma and Brian Burgess.

“The Cherokee Runners that are participating in the 35th Marine Corps Marathon are a diverse group from all age groups and walks of life,” said Grady, an EBCI tribal member and member of the group. “Each one has trained at his or her own pace with the encouragement of the entire group as well as from all of our families and the Tribe. We will represent the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians with pride.”
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Running the Tarahumara Way and Marathon Too Short for Tarahumaras.

Below:  "Some of the Cherokee Runners group are planning to take part in the 35th Marine Corps Marathon including (left-right) Brian Burgess, Stephen Swimmer, Skye Littledave, Jim Oocumma, Gerri Grady, Sean Grady (will participate in MCM 10K), Chris Reed and Marlene Arch (MCM 10K). Robin Swimmer (not pictured) also plans to run in the marathon." (Dawn Arneach/One Feather)

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