October 28, 2010

Pocahontas's wedding site found

Pocahontas' Wedding Site Found

By Liz DayA team of archaeologists believe they may have finally discovered Pocahontas' wedding site, a mystery that has long vexed scholars.

Her matrimonial location may sound more modern than one would expect for a 1614 marriage between a 19-year-old daughter of an American Indian chief and her tobacco farmer husband.
Comment:  FYI, the wedding was held in Adventureland near Tom Sawyer's Island and the Haunted Mansion. Pocahontas married her sweetheart John Smith and lived happily ever after before marrying John Rolfe and dying miserably in England.

For more on the subject, see Pocahontas Bastardizes Real People and Pocahontas II:  Flawed Again.


Burt said...

Well I guess finding where Pocahontas was married supercedes where Bin Laden is hiding out?

Wheres Americas priorities?

dmarks said...

Only a matter of time before they figure out that Bin Laden is hiding out as the villain in another Disney cartoon, "Aladdin".

Anonymous said...

Bin Laden turned himself into a djinni? (Ja'far does that at the end of Aladdin.) Interesting...

Speaking of the Middle East, I didn't like how the Middle East article kept bringing up the Jewishness of certain people. I will say that the main reason intellectuals seek to discredit Islam is that they are cowards. Everyone in college questions religion, but in mainstream America, it's impossible to question Christianity. Islam, however, is related to Christianity, and Muslims have many of the same laws as the Old Testament, with the universality doctrine of Christianity, and it just happens Muslims are the current scapegoat, so you can denounce Muslims all day on Fox News.

dmarks said...

"Everyone in college questions religion, but in mainstream America, it's impossible to question Christianity"

In mainstream America, I hear Christianity questioned strongly, all the time.