October 25, 2010

4th-grade Pontiac's Rebellion video

Pontiac's RebellionI helped direct and edited this dramatic 4th grade representation of Pontiac's Rebellion. This was part of the Lainsburg series of short films about Michigan.

Comment:  The Indians wrapping themselves in Navajo-style blankets is definitely phony. The "bare-chested brave" look may well be phony. But this 4th-grade video doesn't make the same mistakes of countless adult productions. To be specific, it doesn't substitute generic Plains Indians for Pontiac's Ottawa Indians.

For more on the subject, see Native Videos and Cartoons.


dmarks said...

I kind of forgot, but I think I dug this one out for you :)

Rob said...

Yes, you did. I often have a backlog of items to post.

dmarks said...

And this one certainly isn't a hot news topic.