March 22, 2011

"Got Death?" drinking awareness contest

Navajo and Apache Youth Create Art for Underage Drinking Awareness“Got Death? Drink, Drive & You Will.”

Navajo and Apache youth, ages 6 to 18, who participate in the second annual youth art contest, hosted by the Navajo County Drug Project in collaboration with Apache County Drug Free Alliance, will create artwork with this anti-underage drinking (UAD) slogan.

You can submit multimedia artwork including the awareness slogan: “Got Death? Drink, Drive & You Will.” The winning pieces of artwork will be printed on T-shirts or on pages of a 2011-12 school calendar. Winners can receive cash prizes of $100 for first place (plus t-shirt placement), $50 for second place (plus calendar placement), and $25 for third place (plus calendar placement).
Comment:  For more on Indians and alcohol, see AIM Fights "Runs with Beer" T-Shirt, Inuk Hockey Player Enters Rehab, and Historic Prejudice Caused Paul's Death.

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