March 30, 2011

San Manuel donates to Japan

San Manuel tribe hands out money, awards

By Michel NolanOn Tuesday, the People of the Pines shared financial assistance and hope.

Members of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, who call themselves "Yuhaviatam," or People of the Pines, hosted their third annual Forging Hope luncheon by giving to those who give.

The luncheon brought together nonprofit groups for an awards ceremony at San Bernardino's National Orange Show Events Center, where the tribe's Yawa' Award was bestowed upon four charities.

In addition to the Yawa' Awards, Ramos announced the tribe would provide $100,000 to the American Red Cross--Inland Empire Chapter--and $50,000 to the International Medical Corps for relief efforts to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Natives Raise Funds for Japan.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, most Indian artists actually have Japanese customers, something Shaman King hung a hilarious lampshade on. (That, and Traditional Hand-Crafted pagers and airplanes.)

And of course, there are also Indians who know Japanese artists. Bikky Sunazawa comes to mind.

I also remember my mother telling about a Buddhist nun who was on Pine Ridge in the 70s. She was attacked by rednecks, and she...offered them dinner afterward. That is...enlightenment. I am nowhere near that.