March 29, 2011

Native blues-rockers Daisy Chain

Seattle Blues-Rockers Daisy Chain Gear Up for Stage 49Leilani Finau (Haida/Samoan) and Waylon Mendoza (Lakota/Mexican) play blues-rock as Daisy Chain, but they didn’t initially bond over their indigenous heritage. Leilani had heard a CD that Waylon had put out, and she thought he might be a good mentor. “Because his voice is so deep,” she recalls, “I thought he was an older guy. I thought we could collaborate, and maybe he could help me get gigs.” The two started talking on the phone; Leilani was in Seattle while Waylon was back on the rez at Eagle Butte, South Dakota, home of the Minnecojou band of Lakota. Eventually, they realized they had something in common.

Basketball, of course.
Comment:  For more on Native musicians, see Eagle & Hawk in Music Showcase and Native Band Plays to Prevent Suicide.

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