December 20, 2006

Aboriginals seek DiCaprio

Native group asks DiCaprio to help block Ontario diamond mineA group representing aboriginal communities in northern Ontario is trying to enlist U.S. film star Leonardo DiCaprio in its fight against diamond mining in the boreal forest.

The Nishnawbe Aski Nation—a political organization that represents about 45,000 Cree and Ojibwa people in 49 communities—has written to DiCaprio, who stars in Blood Diamond, a recently released film about the diamond trade in war-torn Sierra Leone.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Except that the diamond 'mining' in Canada is not the same kind of diamond mining as seen in BLOOD DIAMOND. Diamond deposits in Ontario were placed there by glaciers in debris moraines left by the melting ice. The actual upthrust matrices, usually volcanic chimneys, are far to the north of that location and still have yet to be discovered. The diamonds being found are more akin to gold placer deposits where rushing water removed gold particles from the true lode locations. In any case, the Ontario situation and that of the film BLOOD DIAMOND are nowhere near comparable.
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

I don't think the aboriginals claimed the situations were comparable. They oppose a diamond mine for their own reasons...DiCaprio's the diamond-mine celebrity of the they want him to publicize their cause. The causes don't have to be comparable for them to seek his help.