December 30, 2006

"The odd detail wrong"?

It’s bloody fantasticAs with many of his films, there have been plenty of complaints about the accuracy of the script. Maybe he has got the odd detail wrong concerning cave paintings and who the Mayans used in their human sacrifices. But what he does brilliantly is take you back in time, place you inside the drama of a native tribe and make you feel as if you are really there.

The whole film looks authentic; it smells authentic.

This is partly down to his use of native language and his decision to put unknowns in key roles. But the quality of the cast is remarkable. Youngblood conveys the strength and terrible suffering of his character with total conviction, while Trujillo’s Zero Wolf is one of the scariest villains we have seen on the screen for a long while.
Comment:  Based on what I've read, it's more correct to say Gibson got the odd detail right.

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