December 22, 2006

Indian Christmas music

Music brightens the holidaysMusic has always made an excellent holiday gift, whether something one personally wrote or performed, tickets to a concert or the perennial--and lasting--compact disc or DVD. Running from $10 to $20, CDs are generally affordable and welcomed by all.

Those looking specifically for holiday music can check out the great new and classic CDs available this year, such as Jana's Christmas songs sung in various Native languages (“American Indian Christmas,” 2005, Standing Stone Records), Redheart's GRAMMY-nominated “Sacred Season” (2002, Red Sea Records), and Red Nativity's “One Holy Night” (1997, Red Sea Records), featuring Brule. Some favorites are the classic compilations featuring Joanne Shenandoah, Mary Youngblood, Robert Mirabal, Lawrence Laughing, Peter Kater and others (“Prayer for Peace,” 2002, Silver Wave Records) and (“Winter Dreams,” 1993, Canyon Records).

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