December 17, 2006

Singing between two worlds

Roger Kuhn Is Not a Gimmick. This Is Who He IsRoger's innate personal and artistic candor is reflected in his music. The song Two Nations, which is included on his CD, Proof, is indicative of a willingness to share his conflicts. Never blinking; never bitter, he describes this song as one “I can pass on to others going through the struggle of walking that very fine line between two worlds, the Native and non-Native world.”

I am conflicted I come from two nations/Do I need to choose one in order to feel whole?/I am conflicted my mother is brown/and she lives on a reservation/I am conflicted my father is white/and I know that he’s never coming home/The blood of the men who have died rushes through my body/And the blood of the women who have died courses through my veins/And I stand with the buffalo as I ride in the elevator/I know what I’m not but I don’t know who I am… (Two Nations (Conflicted) by Roger Kuhn, 2006)

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