December 29, 2006

Resolutions for reporters

Harjo:  Realistic New Year's resolutions for othersResolved, to cover stories about all Native peoples. In the rush to follow the Indian money, most Indian stories are being missed. How about starting with stories about Native peoples who have no money and who exist in suffocating poverty? Even with the stunning success of tribal gaming in certain states, tribal people still are the most economically impoverished people in the country.

Resolved, to cover the anti-Indian hate groups that are organized nationwide to undermine Native American treaties, laws and rights. Led by John Birchers, these groups are working hard to bring down the legal, constitutional, orderly activities of tribal governments and to keep Native peoples from owning and controlling Native property. They've been given a pass by most in the news industry, and even a boost by some.

Resolved, to cover stories about threats to Native ceremonial and burial grounds and about environmental emergencies affecting Native peoples, lands and waters.

Resolved, to find out who's manufacturing myths about Native peoples and why, particularly in politics and the entertainment and advertising industries, but even (and maybe especially) in the news industry itself.
Comment:  We've already studied some people who are manufacturing myths about Native peoples and why--e.g., Mel Gibson and Budweiser.

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