December 31, 2006

Hitchcockian Indian thriller

“Imprint” Redefines Native Women in FilmChris Eyre’s latest production, Imprint, is not an “Indian” movie.

Yes, it does take place on a reservation and includes Native cultural and religious references. Yes, it does have Indians playing Indians and the requisite unlikable white guy. It has all those things. But Imprint is not an “Indian” movie. At least, not by conventional thinking. And that’s to Eyre’s and director Michael Linn’s credit, as they have redefined what we’ve come to expect of a film depicting Native America and in this case, women in Native America.

Starring Tonantzin Carmelo, the film is a suspense thriller in the Hitchcock mold—otherworldly forces, evil in disguise, and regret leading to redemption. Most significantly, Imprint’s biggest imprint is its portrayal of women; neither victims nor backdrops, they are the force and soul of the entire story.

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