December 26, 2006

Youngblood not an Indian?

Mel & Sly hit for hypecasting"Youngblood has claimed Yaqui blood and Cree blood and Comanche blood … which is ideal for Mel Gibson," Comanche blogger David Yeagley tells us. "I don't trust a word of it."

Youngblood's manager, Michelle R. Shining Elk , admits the actor once used his Mexican stepfather's surname, Gonzalez. But the actor's bio claims "he is the son" of the late Preston Tahchawwickah, a prominent Comanche.

According to Yeagley, Tahchawwickah adopted two children and Youngblood wasn't one of them. Tribal administrator Gene Pekah told us he isn't sure if the actor is an enrolled Comanche, but adds, "I take Rudy at his word."
Comment:  This criticism is pretty funny coming from Yeagley, the pseudo-Comanche.


Anonymous said...

My last and only response to Yeagley's attacks against Rudy Youngblood -- setting the record straight.


I cannot sit idle or silent any longer while David Yeagley continues to pontificate over what he thinks he knows about Rudy Youngblood. Mr. Yeagley is a man that is clearly jealous, ignorant, obnoxiously obsessed and eager to engage in over the top pettiness. Frankly, I am sick and tired of his outlandish comments and accusations. Just who does this man think he is to pass judgment on people he knows nothing about?

I have tried to post my own comments to the BLOG/ARTICLEs Yeagley posts, but of course, they do not get posted – not that I am surprised.

Mr. Yeagley imagines himself to be journalist (among the many other professions he claims he is experienced in??). However, he clearly has no ability to remain objective – he has no understanding of fair balance – his own monitoring of the comments attempting to be made in response to his BLOG/ARTICLEs, and his posting only those he approves of is a prime example. Somewhere along the line, this man, under delusions of grandeur, came to believe and oddly enough believes, he is the authority on ALL THINGS – literally, ALL THINGS???

Therefore, since he refuses to post my comments on his website, I will post them here. For it is only fair, as in all debates and in journalism, that rebuttal and responses be allowed into the equation. Like Mr. Yeagley, I will use this medium to exercise my own "freedom of speech."

Following is the last post I attempted to make, in response to his BLOG/ARTICLE of December 26, 2006 -- included herein below.


Comment by Michelle on December 26, 2006 on

Mr. Yeagley you are a bandwagon, party of "ONE (1)." I have found myself disturbed with the slander and libel you continue to put out there regarding people and matters you know absolutely nothing about. I have sought and received counsel from many on how to deal with your antics, including many from my own tribe. With respect to myself, I have been advised, and encouraged, to leave this alone and let you fight this fight because you are fighting with yourself, that you are disturbed. However, I have sat idle for days watching you attack and attempt to disparage my client and my friend. I cannot do this any longer. I have to stand up for what I feel is right – to get some realities and truths of these matters out there. To bring to light the things and issues that you do not seem to want to acknowledge or admit – let alone report on.

Mr. Yeagley, you have far too much time on your hands -- have you ever heard the phrase "those who cast stones should not live in a glass houses." As an American you have the right to "freedom of speech," with this right you have found a conduit in which to be bitter and spiteful towards others. What you DO NOT have the right to do is engage in slander and libel. You should be very careful with your words Mr. Yeagley; you are walking on a thin line with respect to libel and slander issues.

For this post, I will start with your attempts to defame me. Not that I owe you any explanation about who I am, or where I come from. BUT, I have to say, I find it interesting that you enjoy digging and digging and reporting your "findings and facts" when they are in your favor. HOWEVER, when you learn truths, you conveniently forget to post that information. You write with only the information you want in making your "informed decisions" to cast stones at others.

For the record, I just got off the phone with one of my tribal councilmen (you know who he is). He informed me he has been in contact with you; and, that have been enlightened by the fact(s) as they relate to my Indian affiliation and blood quantum, and you learned that: 1. I am an enrolled Colville tribal member (proudly I can say, my father was a full blood and my mother is over ¾); 2. I was raised and lived on the reservation my entire life; and, 3. I come from four of the largest families on my reservation.

How convenient it is for you to forget to post that information? So, contrary to what you want to say about me, which I am sure you will…at the end of the day, I rest assured that you got a dead end here pal and I have more Indian blood in my little finger than you do in your entire being and body. So say what you will. You will only bore me.

Moving on...with respect to Rudy Youngblood.

This is for your readers, I want to point out the following:

On the subject of the surname Gonzales. Since you keep hanging on this subject, I would like to point out to your readers, your very own writings, wherein you state the truth -- investigated and reported on by…YOU!@#?

"BadEagle has also been informed that "Gonzales," Rudy's legal name, is in fact an adopted name. It was his Mexican step father's name." Yeagley readers: You can see it yourself at:

Mr. Yeagley, perhaps you should go back and re-read your writings and posts before contradicting yourself, as you seem to do more often than not.

AGAIN, neither my client, nor I owe you any explanation for who is he, or where he comes from. You are obviously fueled by jealousy and rage because you know, at the end of the day, very few (if any, including your own Comanche nation) will (or would) come to your defense or support any of your endeavors as they have for Rudy. Rudy has done good things, is doing good things and you can't stand that, get over it!

Here is what I know. I know, and have been a witness to the strong support system Rudy has in Indian country, coast-to-coast, and it is much larger than you could ever wrap your head around, or imagine having for yourself. What's more, it has nothing, whatsoever, to do with a casino in trouble, or whatever weak excuse(s) you orchestrate in further attempts to support your asinine assaults. You are grasping at straws here. Mr. Yeagley, regardless of what you think, or say, my client has a solid grounding in his tribal identity. He has listened and learned from many aunties, uncles, grandparents, family members and elders -- he knows his Indian ways, culture and traditions. I have been a witness to his knowledge and the respect he has for his people, cultural and traditional ways and families (extended and immediate). He is mindful and very respectful in every way. How about you Mr. Yeagley?

You claim you are the "first conservative American Indian in the American media," when the truth of the matter is that you are merely a predator who is using (and abusing) the terms "Indian" and "Comanche" in your neurotic quest to harass my client (and countless others) with your pervasive and negative rhetoric.

Here are a couple realties for you to muse on (for your benefit Mr. Yeagley: reality [re•al•i•ty] - 1.the state or quality of being real. 2. resemblance to what is real. 3. a real thing or fact.).

--> -->1. Unlike you, my client continues to work to give back to his community, all communities -- to continue living and nurturing his vision for the future of Tribal America and other indigenous peoples – with a good heart and good intent.

--> -->2. Unlike you, my client refuses to be a victim and live in a defensive mindset; instead, he is proactive and a visionary about what he, as a person (a human being) and as an artist, has to offer as a continuation and revitalization of the indigenous cultures of the Americas and other countries.

I do not believe the same can be said for you…you just want to point fingers and take what you can get and ultimately make a nuisance of yourself – failing to see how the words you throw out there represent you. For the record, it is not in a good way -- stop trying to fool yourself and others into believing that you are really a "do-gooder."

I know I have said this once, but I will say it again…Mr. Yeagley, you "might" be an enrolled Comanche, but it is clear you do not have the first clue, or any understanding of what being Comanche or Indian truly means. You should be honored that you are so lucky to belong; and hence, represent such in more positive ways. There is enough negativity out there in the world and in Indian country – the Indian community is a small community, we should be working together, not against one another. You do not get that.

Being Indian is about giving back when you have received; it is about living with dignity and having a respect of all things and people – that is what we are taught and how we are raised…to always keep in mind, in everything we do, those who have come before us, and those who will follow. You do not get that.

Clearly, you do not have an understanding of these basic ways, let alone live by any of them. How do you sleep at the end of the day? You have to know your ancestors are saddened by your negative actions and reactions. As for those who are to follow you...well, another sad state of affairs and I will just leave it at that - enough said.

Mr. Yeagley, you are clearly lost and uncomfortable in your own skin. If you want to attack people, be a man and engage in objective verbal warfare, fairly. You must stop using the veil of being Indian and a Comanche to get attention under false pretenses, and to beat on people you do not know, and know nothing about, including our culture and traditions.

Which brings me to my next point. Being the "super sleuth", you think you are. You know how my name change came to be (it is not difficult to put it together), but you fail to write on that because that would lessen the juice and weaken the reality of your stories. I am not Michelle "SHINING ELK," a supposed "Colville." I am MICHELLE SHINING ELK and I AM COLVILLE! I don't need to give any explanation to you about how my name change came to be – that's my personal life and contrary to what you say, I didn't and do not need to publicize why it changed. Not only do you disrespect me when you do not address me incorrectly you are disrespecting a person, and people you do not know, or know nothing about (yet again…). All par for the course, I guess, since the meaning of "respect" obviously eludes you.

Another point I'd like to make to your readers.

I find it interesting that you continue to use as one of your "reliable" sources, "Wikipedia," when you, yourself, have had your own issues with Wikipedia and has stated that it is an unreliable source as it can be edited by anyone.

"The new (my original) Wikipedia post, "David A. Yeagley" is not exactly what I put up. THere have been edits, and there are therefore some inaccuracies. I will BLOG/ARTICLE? on this tommorrow, if I have time before I have to leave. Otherwise, I will BLOG/ARTICLE? on it later, when I get to a computer. As I said, I don't know how long this present Wikipedia post will last. The enemy never sleeps.
Posted by David Yeagley at November 15, 2006 10:45 PM"

In closing: At the end of the day, Mr. Yeagley, I take great amount of relief in knowing that all anyone has to do is read your writings. Your writing speaks for itself. It says loads about who you are, what you are about and the troubled and fixated ill-willed paths you are headed down. Period.

I will pray that one day you find the right path and find comfort in who you are and not who you feel you need to attack.

Michelle R. Shining Elk at December 26, 2006 06:47 PM

Rob said...

Thanks for the update on Youngblood and Yeagley, Michelle. You may want to submit this posting to, the site that exposes the truth about Yeagley.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I've tried...but I can't seem to find a place to post...or a person to contact. It just be me or my computer. If you could provide a link other than the site name, I greatly appreciate it.


Rob said...

Sorry, I forgot that the site's owner doesn't allow comments or list his e-mail address. A bad policy on an otherwise good site, if you ask me. You can contact him at