December 13, 2006

Avoiding the Black Cloud syndrome

Brainstorming in Baghdad...The Story Behind the Story of “Turquoise Rose”Turquoise Rose is the flower that blossomed from that seed; the story of a Phoenix college student planning to study in Rome when called back home to the reservation to care for her ailing grandmother. And in early ’07, this Iraq war veteran will premiere his film that is, without a doubt, Navajo in feel and spirit; Navajo even though this Iraq war veteran isn’t Native himself.

This fact is something Hamilton is sensitive to; which is why he has worked all the more vigorously to recruit Navajo story advisors, cast and crew. He didn’t want to fall prey to what he refers to as the “Black Cloud” syndrome, referring to Rick Schroder’s 2005 Navajo-themed film with virtually no involvement from the people portrayed.

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