April 28, 2007

Casino sign riddled with bullets

From the Daily Herald, 4/28/07:

I-5 sign plugged with 40 bullets

Stillaguamish tribal police don't have any suspects, but the sign has been a source of controversy.A gunman shot up a sign advertising the Stillaguamish Indian Tribe's Angel of the Winds Casino early this week.

The vandalism caused at least $15,000 in damage and left at least 40 bullet holes in the sign and a carpet of shattered glass on the ground.


Anonymous said...

I told you so. When someone uses this much violence against a people, such as, the Stillaguamish Indians, it usually means there is a deep seeded hatred toward those people. The big sign was just a catalyst for that hatred. So, I stand by my original statement when I said, "There were hard feelings before the sign went up and there will be hard feelings after the sign is long gone".


Rob said...

I stand by my original statement too. People dislike the sign so they shot at the sign. They didn't shoot at the Stillaguamish or their casino or their tribal HQ because their antipathy is focused on the sign.

Anonymous said...

The sign was shot 40 times with a 30 caliber rifle, to me that is called overkill. I don't know much about guns, but I believe a 30 caliber rifle is a fairly large gun and in order to shoot 40 rounds this person would have had to stop and reload 4 maybe 5 times. This takes time, effort and thought.

This is a hate crime plain and simple. And yes, they didn't shoot at the Stillaguamish or their casino or their tribal HQ "this time".

Rob said...

Until they catch the shooter and he admits his motive, this is all speculation.

writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
writerfella perhaps has a few cogent questions: How many people who lose money at the Stillaguamish Casino also own 30-30 rifles? What racial group represents the greatest number of Casino attendees? How many times out of 100 does 2 + 2 = 4?
Mayhaps the sign was not so much a target because the sign is disliked but because losing makes for an even greater dislike and thus a symbol is attacked rather that the Casino or its proprietors...
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

I'm confident the shooter, like most of the casino patrons, was non-Indian (and probably white). That doesn't address why he (the shooter was also probably male) attacked the sign.

As the article said, maybe it was vandalism by some joyriding kids. Or maybe it was the revenge of a disgruntled gambler.