April 24, 2007

Yeagley:  Massacre victims were "weak"

Yeagley Attacks Virginia Tech Massacre Victims as "Weak"While most rational people would blame the deaths of these students squarely on the person who did the shootings, leave it to Yeagley to use this tragedy to make the most insane comment possible, blaming the victims.

"The students at Virginia Tech were afraid to respond....Thus, they are totally weak, and unprepared. They can only be victims."

Not content with having smeared the victims, he then goes on to attack the most heroic among them.

"There were no heroic acts in the VA Tech incident, contrary to liberal media reports. Hiding behind a desk, or jumping out a window is not a heroic act! This is the lie of liberalism. There is no honor in escaping."

Keep in mind this comes from a man who was of draft age during the end of the Vietnam War, and also of age to serve in the Gulf War. Yet Yeagley did not serve in either war.
Scathing Criticism of Yeagley's Attacks on Virginia Tech VictimsHe and Churchill have this in common. In the process of "representing" as Indians they made remarks that Indian Country, if polled, would disagree with by about 99%. This is beyond being controversial.

"Being controversial" was when Harjo spoke against frybread.
--Steve Russell, Cherokee law professor, Indiana University

What would Yeagley have done if he had been in the building while the shooting was going on?

Would he have tried to wrestle the gun away from him?

Would he have crafted a weapon out of whatever was at hand?


He would have been the first one out the window, probably knocking down women in the process.

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