April 27, 2007

New Western includes Apaches

"Far Side of Jericho" has admirable intentionsThe basic story in a script by Rob Sullivan and rewritten by novelist James Crumley is simple enough: Maxine (Andrews), Claire (Burnett) and Bridget (Negrin) are the widows of three outlaw brothers hanged in the movie's opening sequence. The brothers left a buried treasure that the women decide to unearth. They are pursued by a whole gang of greedy varmints, including the town sheriff and his posse, a couple of Pinkerton detectives and a crazed preacher who all want the loot.

While this quest provides the primary narrative thread, there are many subplots, including the troubled backstories of the three women. Along the way they interact with a young man raised by Apache, and the tribe also intrudes on their journey. In addition, the three widows are regularly visited by ghosts of their dead husbands. Then there's a mysterious stranger who rears up like the Lone Ranger when the women are in trouble.

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