April 29, 2007

Prince George comedian isn't PC

Write What You KnowThe local comedian’s unique brand of humour is anything but politically correct.

“I poke a lot of fun at First Nations people. They always say write about what you know, so I took that to heart with my comedy. Basically, I’m telling my own story. I grew up in Houston for the first 19 years of my life, then lived in Prince George, moved to Vancouver, then came back and went to UNBC and graduated with a general studies B.A.”

Majore smiles broadly as he runs through two pieces from his routines.

“In one, I talk about the hassles I got trying to cash a large check at a bank. In another, I talk about how I should play the suspect in Crimestoppers commercials because I fit the description better than the actors in the reenactments do: I’m Native, male, average height and weight-that story is still in my routine.”

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