April 22, 2007

Oñate or "The Equestrian"

Controversial Statue UnveiledThe legacy of Don Juan de Onate stirs up controversy once again.

After waiting nearly ten years, the Equestrian finally gets its officially welcoming, but not without protest.

Hundreds gathered at the El Paso International Airport. Some welcomed the Conquistador with open arms. Others held up signs, calling shame upon the city for honoring who they call "a butcher."
What the controversy is about:History states, Onate killed and raped indigenous people. He also cut off the foot of men from the Acoma Tribe. Those in protest, say they are the ancestors of the people who endured Onate's brutal beatings and killings. They say, Onate is nothing more than a murder and should not be honored.

Others say history is filled with murder and the past was filled hard times. They say Onate's past is El Paso's past and history should be told so we don't forget. They say, when people forget the past, that is when history will repeat itself.
Comment:  Does anyone think this statue doesn't glorify its subject? If so, get serious. This statue is perhaps the biggest glorification of a person since Mt. Rushmore.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Quite soon, this fall in fact, construction will begin on a 120 ft.+ statue of "The Warrior" in Tulsa, which is being seen as a major tourist attraction a la the Gateway Arch that is located in St. Louis, MO. When that is completed, what will be said of it on this blog? Stereotypical? Racially biased? Overextension? What? Guess we have to wait and see if Rob Schmidt has overdosed that weekend or no...
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

"Overextension"? Overextension of what?

I may treat "The Warrior" the way I've treated the Crazy Horse Memorial. That is, by posting articles about it with no additional commentary.

Are you waiting for me to post something you don't like so you can snipe at me again? Why don't you do something useful instead of wasting your time complaining about this blog?

P.S. I don't drink or take drugs, which is why my writing is so impeccable. Can you say the same?