April 23, 2007

Youngblood ignores Yeagley

Mel Gibson Denounces Yeagley

Youngblood answers his critics:Youngblood says he is unequivocally Comanche by blood and is baffled by Yeagley's claims. "I don't know him. I've never seen him. I've never talked to him. I've never crossed paths with him," said Youngblood. The accusations of fraud first appeared on Yeagley's website, BadEagle.com, and subsequently in articles in the Los Angeles Times and Back Stage.

The actor and former dancer with the Native American Dance Theatre said he will officially enroll in the Comanche Nation, which requires federal documents proving an individual is at least one-eighth Comanche Indian. "It's just taking the time. It's a long process. It's very drawn out. [But] it's not like I can't," he said.
And ignores Yeagley:As advised by Gibson, his mentor, Youngblood said he will continue to ignore Yeagley and his supporters. "[Gibson] said, 'People like that will never be happy. Jealousy eats at you, and all they have is driven by hate.' "

"I'm not going to say anything to [Yeagley]. I'm going to let him talk," Youngblood added. "Instead of doing something productive, he wastes his time behind a computer talking bad about people....I'm not going to waste my time with that."
Al Carroll analyzes Gibson's comments:When a man like Mel Gibson, raised by a "fundamentalist Catholic" who asserts the Holocaust was a hoax and the Catholic Church is too liberal and too modern, calls Yeagley a hateful man, that should tell us all just how extreme Yeagley's political and religious fundamentalism is.

When the maker of a notoriously inaccurate and stereotyped movie (Apocalypto, in case there's any doubt) denounces Yeagley as driven by jealousy and unhappiness with his own life, then maybe Yeagley should take the advice of this more famous bigot to heart.

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Fleetingly have time for this one wi-fi post: OR Gibson knows what it is like to be assailed by those you do not know, never will know, and never will see, and thus he advised Rudy Youngblood as he-who-has-walked-such-a-trail. Mentors sometimes are created by forces over which they have no control...
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