April 19, 2007

Urban studied Wampanoag culture

Karl Urban becomes GHOST in PathFinderTo go deeper into the role, Urban not only had to familiarize himself with Viking lore but with the early Wampanoag Indian cultures, which fascinated him. "One of the things that attracted me to doing this film was the opportunity to better understand American Indian culture because I feel a real affinity with them,” he says. "They were the people of the dawn, the first people in America and they had such a holistic view of their place in the world and how everything functions. I think it’s a view that modern man could really take to heart.”

He also thought a lot about the ideals that make a true warrior. "One of the themes of the film is that you can’t really win simply by using blind rage and fury to deal with your enemy,” he observes. "You have to use your smarts. You have to know your enemy from the inside and figure out how to use their own weaknesses against them.”

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