August 29, 2007

Another Little Tree argument

Ahearn:  An education from 'Little Tree'"Having been a fan of his (as a writer) for many years, and having heard this same old drivel about his private life (which was reprehensible in many ways), it amazes me that people focusing on this are missing the POINT!" Asheboro reader Lane Batot wrote.

"The POINT is that 'Little Tree' is a beautifully written book chock full of positive values, and although it may not have been a 'true' story, it was full of truths, and obviously the author had some experience with the times and an understanding of that, and expressed it beautifully."

Not everyone agrees. Some Native Americans, particularly Cherokees, raise problems with the book itself, pointing out inaccurate portrayals of Cherokee language and culture, and a survival-of-the-fittest mind-set that borders uncomfortably on fascism.

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