August 19, 2007

Wonder Woman inspires skateboard artist

Artist creates woman warrior skateboardsJolene Nenibah Yazzie remembers as a young girl how she and her little sister Janene were awed by the abilities of the comic book superhero Wonder Woman.

They were fascinated by a number of other female super heroes, but they dazzled with Wonder Woman’s long black hair that reflected their own, and were infatuated by the strength and exuberance she possessed. Remembering their crazed enthusiasm for Wonder Woman made them laugh Thursday evening.

“But we always wanted to look up to Native super heroes,” remembers Jolene Yazzie.

Being as there was no Native super heroes—and no Native woman super heroes at that—Yazzie would eventually create her own.

Taking a break from her dinner at Coal Street Pub, Yazzie takes out a skateboard with the image of her first Native women super hero Ko’ Asdzaa, translating to “Fire Woman” in Navajo. It will be the first image in limited edition series of skateboards designed by Yazzie.

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