August 30, 2007

NewsWatch Native America

Former Observer editor partners to form NewsWatch Native America

Tanya Lee and former Washington Post reporter create on-line information delivery systemLee and Struck developed their own keyword vocabulary to pull up information of value and interest to Native American tribes and communities.

"Every morning..., we have anywhere from 20 to 50 press releases from governmental agencies, state governments, tribal governments and colleges, and Native American associations that are turned up by keyword search," Lee said. "We select and publish on our website those that are of interest and significance to Native America."

After that work is finished, Struck and Lee go through the Federal Register. They pull out everything of Native American interest--grant and funding opportunities, rules being proposed or finalized, and announcements of meetings of federal agencies related to Native Americans.
Comment:  This news service appears to provide a good complement to, where I work.

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